Developing Your Brand

Your farm's "brand" is a combination of all of the tangible (logo, packaging, colors) and intangible (messaging, customer expectations) things that make your small business unique and uniquely yours.

Having a brand is important because it provides a consistent and easily identifiable way to connect customers to your farm story and products.

Developing your farm's brand will help guide you as you build your website and create outreach and marketing materials. It will help you choose photos, words, and colors that best represent your farm on the world wide web.

We don't have to get too crazy with this at this stage, and it's perfectly OK if your farm's brand changes over time. Our first step will be to create a style guide that will serve as a handy reference as you build your website.

This style guide will consist of the following elements:

  1. A logo (don't worry if you don't have one, or don't want to continue using the one you have)
  2. Colors that best represent your farm and farm products
  3. Words and images that represent your farm's brand or mission
  4. Fonts you would like to use for your branding and website

I like to put together a one page style guide that includes the above elements. It's a mini inspiration board and makes it easy to select the appropriate fonts and colors when you are customizing your site.