Crafting Your About Page

The "About" page seems like it is just another page on your website. But it is a very important opportunity to introduce yourself and connect with your customers, reminding them there is a real live person or family behind this farm and its delicious vegetables.

Though it is just a simple page on your website, that doesn't mean writing your "About" page is easy. You want your introduction to be concise, but engaging, friendly and informative. Here are some questions to consider when crafting your about page.

First off - a photo or two of you and your family and/or employees towards the top of the page is important! Portraits are ideal, but I think it's also great to include a photo or two of you or your employees at work on the farm.

1. Who is your audience? What is your ideal customer? I know we said this about page is about YOU (and it is) but this is also where you can declare what you do for your customers and have a chance to speak directly to them, enticing them to buy your vegetables or visit your farm stand.

2. What do you offer you audience? What can you do for them? Here is where you can describe your farming methods and say why they are so important.

3. Who runs this farm? Introduce yourself. What led you to farming? What is your farm's mission?

4. Call to Action - Now they are excited to buy your stuff, what should they do next? Visit your CSA signup page? Buy some jam from your online shop? Stop by your booth at the farmer's market this weekend?

Check out the worksheet below to help you brainstorm!

I know you might want to share a lot more with customers, and I think that's awesome. I would just have the information above contained in a few paragraphs at the top of your About Page so your customers can quickly get an understanding of you who you are and what you can do for them. Any additional information such as staff profiles, descriptions of farming methods, farm history etc. can be included below them. Just make sure to use headings to segment out the additional information, so the page doesn't look like one solid block of text and people can navigate through the information quickly. Everyone's attention spans are limited these days!

My Flower Bar Example:

"At Flower Bar Fields, we grow gorgeous heirloom flowers for brides who want to bring a bit of wild local beauty to their wedding. We use organic farming principles to contribute to the health of our local environment and community. Our mobile Flower Bar brings these beauties to you and helps you create economical, one of a kind arrangements with your loved ones for memories that will last a lifetime!

Flower Bar is operated by Caitlin Mandel with the help of an amazing creative team. Caitlin started growing heirloom flowers in her small suburban backyard after being inspired by the local flower movement. She quickly learned that local brides were looking for sustainably grown flowers and devised a business model that would allow them to have them at their wedding for an affordable price.

Click here to learn about the seasonal availability of our flowers and fill out an inquiry form to tell us more about your event!"