Why Do You Need a Website?

There are many reasons why your farm needs a website. Potential customers want to know what you sell and how they can purchase it. If your farm has a CSA program, current and future members can access important information about the costs, harvest calendar, pick up locations and how to sign up.

Your website will also serve as an engaging communication and education tool to share your farm's unique story, and a way for you to provide more information on your farming methods or products.

Six out of ten consumers expect a business to have a website, and more than half will head straight there to learn about you and your products. Websites help prove that your business is legitimate. If your farm doesn't have a website, your potential customers may just move on to another business that does.

And finally, websites are always "on" and provide a more efficient marketing platform than posters, phone directories, mailing brochures, and emails. It advertises for you while you sleep!

Why Are We Using Squarespace to Build our Website?

This course uses the Squarespace Website Builder Platform. After using several different web builders to build websites and blogs over the years, I have found Squarespace to provide the perfect combination of affordability, design, and ease of website maintenance.